Friday, April 30, 2010

202 Stitches In

Here is my update on "Fishing Cat" by M Sherry.  I
put in 202 stitches last night while I listened to audiobooks on my computer and stitched by phone with my BFF Chef Tiger.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stitches and Fur!!!!

Hello World,
I would like to take this time to introduce the newest member of my family
He used to belong to my SIL until his mouth had an unfortunate meeting
with her prized heals.
Her Loss...My Happiness!

In stitching news this is one of the two projects that I have going at the present time.
This is Margaret Sherry's "Machanic Dog".  I was having fun with it until I got to the backstitching.
This is turning out to be a BIG PITA!!!!!!!
I finally got tired and gave in to the voice that was calling me to start this...
Margaret Sherry's "Fishing Cat"
What you see here is my progress over the last two nights.
A very dear lady in the Counted Cross Stitch yahoo group
started the 100 Stitch Challange.  It says that you must stitch at least 100
stitches a night for 1 month, at the end of which you get to look back at what you have done.
last night I got 140 stitches in on Mr. Kitty here.