Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad Bad Bad!!!!

I think this picture says it all...not only have I not stitched in three days and counting; I have had the audacity to commit myself to two SAL's! Have I gone MAD!! I would have to say YEEEESSSSSS. "Lovey" (you know...the thing that I haven't stitched on in about three days) keeps glaring at me. I have to do something about that TODAY! I can't take it anymore.
To top things off, there are MORE SALs in the works in Cross Stitch Addiction-that is the group of really BAD people that keep coming up with more stuff for me to do! (BAD PEOPLE) "Stitch today I must." I hope to get something done by the end of the week or at least have enough done on the things that I am working on so that this picture no longer applies.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Them people at Cross stitch addiction are bad bad bad :)

CJ said...

Cross Stitch is like chocolate, it is hard to stop once you get going. Oh well, it could be worse.