Friday, February 5, 2010

Back In the Land of the Living

Hi All,
     I hope that this month finds you all well.  I am doing just fine after a time with no power due to a $1000 dollar power bill.  The power is back on now...(YAY)...but now I have to wait for the repairmen and the plumber to come snake candle wax out of my bathtub drain and fix the hole in the closet wall that they made trying to reach the pipe yesterday.
 I guess I'm going to have to explain the candlewax huh? 
     It seems that DH decided that the candles that we were using to light the livingroom were not giving off enough light.
So....he proceeded to add paper to the candles to achieve the desired effect.  (This turned out to be a good idea for all of about 3 seconds.)  While DD#1 and I watched in horror and DD#2 ran for the door; (she wasn't taking any chances) the fire in the glass grew to heights that I just knew would set off the sprinklers.  After much yelling on my part and insistance that he "knew what he was doing" on the part of DH.  The glass that housed the candle charred and cracked...forcing him to admit defeat.  This ment that he went running into my bathroom with the whole mees on one of my best baking sheets and dumped the entire catastrophy in my TUB!!!!  As if this was not bad enough, he then proceeded to turn on the faucet and and douce the flames with WATER!!!!!!!
     Fire safety rule #1  Oily candle + Large fire = Oil Fire
     This means that is water is used to try to put out said
     fire;there will be and was a FLARE!  What DH should
     have done was to use salt in his efforts.
     HE FORGOT!!!!!
     Do I really need to tell you that when we got the fire out there was wax EVERYWHERE!!!!  Do I???  DH had to scrub the wax off the walls and floor of my tub.  In doing this however, he didn't prevent the floating wax from going down my drain!!!!!!!   Where it has since hardened into a mass of unkown proportions and now requires the ministrations of a plumber, two repairmen and maybe a priest. I sit, amid a sea of laundry...waiting and folding.

In stitching news...I am still working on the M Sherry piece that I had the finish on last month.
I am sad to report that there has been more f\rogging going on than stitching so I have no update photo to post.  I hope to get back to work on it soon so that I can have a finish for this month.

Stitches and Love,



GoldenAngelsWorks said...

LOL I do not mean to be mean by laughing.... but I can see this all happening as I read this.... I can honestly also say.... Thank God I am not the only one dealing with things like this.

Glad you got your power back on...
tty soon.

socialsue said...

Wow! That is one big expense to get the pipes clear from the wax. Hope everything turns out okay in the end.


Meari said...

O-M-G! What a terrible mess, but I'm glad no one got hurt.

Debra said...

FIRE!!! Hope everyone is okay. Great stash.

Emily said...

OMG, glad to hear that everyone is okay, except for maybe DH whom who clobbered?? and maybe the tub. Glad your power is back on, that is always hard.

Karen said...

WOW - I can just see the wax spray pattern up the wall of the tub! Good luck getting it all taken care of!! Great stashing - I love your new Fairy :)